Schloss Bühlerhöhe


The Schloss Bühlerhöhe hotel beautifully embodies the historicist style of architecture. It sits on on the northern side of the Black Forest on the outskirts of the celebrated town of Baden Baden in Germany.

After a glorious past during which it served first as a luxury residence then as a hotel, welcoming illustrious guests, Schloss Bühlerhöhe has closed its doors about a decade ago and now awaits for an exciting new development able to give its centennial history another lease of life through a state-of-the-art hospitality concept.


Schloss Bühlerhöhe / Our mission

LC BESPOKE handled all phases involved in conducting assessments and developing sales, marketing and positioning to draw up a complete feasibility study for a new high-end hospitality project.

LC Bespoke / Services provided

  • Consulting during all phases of the Feasibility Study and Concept Development
  • Market Research, Analysis, Competitive Strategy and Benchmark in the International Luxury Hospitality and Spas industry
  • Preliminary positioning statement
  • Development of the pre-opening sales & marketing strategy and budget, with selection of potential commercial partners
  • Consulting during the development of the financing & investment plan