Earth Day 2021 - Borgo Pignano's Example

Thursday, 22 April 2021
Earth Day 2021 - Borgo Pignano's Example

Sustainability has become a must-have factor for travelers, even more so than in the past. Travelers seek out travel that has a reduced carbon footprint as well as learning about the hotel environment, and local communities and making a positive impact on them.


 On this Earth Day, we are pleased to highlight Borgo Pignano, the Tuscany gem of our collection leader of the sustainable spirit.

Borgo Pignano stands out as founding partner of Beyond Green, the new label which is committed to respecting the three key pillars of sustainable tourism. How? With a new way of conceiving travel, which considers ecology, the local economy but also social and ethical aspects.

The main villa, the farmhouses and the apartments have all been restored and decorated using environmentally friendly products and materials such as locally sourced stone and reclaimed slate, organic plasters and eco-friendly paints.

The estate is an organic farm that uses both innovative and traditional farming techniques. They grow their own products for their restaurants and for their spa and wellness treatments.

Indeed, 70% of the products used in their restaurant come from their agriculture. For instance, they produce their own wine, their own infusions, their own flour and, their own honey from their bee colony that they protect.

Borgo Pignano is almost self-sufficient: they produce their own energy and heating with their wood, they collect the rainwater that they use for agriculture, and of course they recycle. They also installed two Tesla charging stations in the hotel parking lot.

We invite you to discover this wonderful estate via our website, and to join our green spirit.

Let's take a leaf out of Borgo Pignano's eco-friendly and sustainable awareness!



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