Travel Restrictions

Weekly report

Thanks to a unique service and a precise tool, be informed at a glance, of the changes in international mobility

The purpose of the report

By providing you information about the restrictions imposed on travelers coming from outside  your country, we offer you a complete overview of the potential clientele you will be able to welcome in the coming weeks and months. 

During this period of crisis, empowered with a complete, accurate and easy-to-read report, that is dynamically updated every week, you will be privy to accurate and  precise forecasts about the restrictions applying to travelers authorized to enter your country. Additionally, you will also have the information of the restrictions that your clients will have to comply with  once they return home.

What you will find in it

  • A report compiled in English, updated and available every week
  • A clear, precise, concise, easy-to-read and enjoyable tool that will guide you in your strategic orientations and decisions
  • An overview of current travel and health security trends
  • An essential time-saver in a day where every minute counts

Why you should subscribe

The travel restrictions report we provide is a huge time-saver. In only a few minutes of reading, you will be able to analyze the situation of your potential clientele and your possible strategic orientations.

This document is updated every week according to the governmental measures taken by each European State*, with the addition of an international overview, thus offering a relevant and precise tool.

*Subject to editing, transmission and official publication by the States concerned.

Additional Information

A concise document in Pdf format for the following 15 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United-Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, United States of America, Uruguay.

We offer different subscription options lasting: one month (4 reports received in total, one per week); 3 months (12 reports in total), 6 months (24 reports in total) or 12 months (around 48 reports in total). The payment, for the chosen option, is required in advance for the total amount and is not refundable. All options are renewable.

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